July 2014

Hello dear readers,

Having returned from a tour of the UK and the USA I had intended to write a lengthy dialogue on all of the wonderful people that I had the pleasure to meet and all the kind friends who, like Lee & Nicole Harding, Kelly Bennett and Liz & Gordon, so kindly offered me a roof over my head during this time of being a transient missionary who just happened to write a book called A Light in Africa as a legacy to our children in care.  However, since my return to Tanzania the work load has just been so great with hosting guests and volunteers at Tudor Village over the last couple of months it has been ‘all hands on deck’ and then last week another story unfolded where we were able to save a child’s life just in the ‘nick’ of time which I felt sure you would want to hear about.

 Paul (General Manager) of Torchbearer Co. Ltd., and Dr. Richard / nurses with volunteers from the UK and USA organized one of our many medical out-reach programs into an area we have been working in for the last ten years.  This year-to-date we have provided “free” treatment and medication to over at 2,000 patients to some of the most vulnerable children and adults in remote villages.

My mobile rings and it is a volunteer called Linda at the other end of the line, she sounds very distressed telling me that they have found a desperately malnourished child who Dr. Richard says has only about ‘two days to live’,  can they bring him to the center. I inform Linda that she must seek and have permission from the local leaders in writing before doing so.   The group returns to Tudor Village in anguish, the mother has refused permission for the sick child to be treated.

Whilst the exhausted volunteers showered and ate their evening meal having treated over 200 patients that day,  Paul and I returned to the village in the dark hours and met with the mother and a local counselor and saw the pitiful state the child was in.  Taking notes we were shocked to find that the child was, according to his mother, 12 years of age, he was skeletal thin and about 3’ high.  I insisted the child should return with me and be taken immediately to hospital.  The mother reluctantly agreed after I exerted some pressure regarding the situation.  The following day I travelled 4 hours to a special hospital called F.AM.E near to Karatu where the child was given emergency treatment by an American pediatrician who made the comment that he had never seen a child so malnourished as this boy and that he looked like a holocaust victim.  Five days later the boy was released from hospital and is now recovering at Tudor Village.  We thank God that we reached the child in time to save his life.  This case is being followed up by the local Gender Violence police, we have been told today that there is another 3 siblings hidden away who are also suffering from malnutrition, so our family may be growing larger again with three more suffering children who we pray will find love, security, and a chance to develop their potential at Light in Africa’s Children’s Homes.

May the light of God shine brightly in your lives.

Mama Lynn