New Website, March Updates & Book Tour


Hello dear readers, welcome to the new website for Light in Africa (  With the release of the book that I have written called A LIGHT IN AFRICA I thought it was time to move on and embrace new technologies with a new blog.

The Executive Committee of Light in Africa and myself wish to acknowledge the valuable contribution made by Paul Sprunken who has managed our website for so many years, freely volunteering his time each month and working with Sammye Walton to prepare the new site in time for the book release.  Bless you both and thank you for your commitment to our children.


January and February has been a busy month with more young children being accommodated both in the Manyara Region and here at our Headquarters in Tudor Village.  A mining father abandoned his and children after his wife became mentally unbalanced, local neighbours tried to care for the children but the two little girls were eventually brought to us to care for.  A Maasai disabled boy was also admitted into our ‘special needs’ home.


We thank God that we have been able to place all of our children into private education  after one of our 15 year old girls was badly beaten by a teacher in a Government school and the stigmatization that the children had to endure was totally not acceptable any longer.  We thank all of our friends who committed funds to ensure the children of Light in Africa receive the respect that they deserve.


In February we welcomed a couple from the USA, Tom and Vicky who very kindly funded two medical dispensaries for the community.  At the first out-reach at Chekorani, 142 patients were seen in one day and at the second outreach at Sanya Juu, 150 patients  were ‘freely’ treated.    Bless you guys and thank you for sponsoring the girl who was beaten for her Secondary School Education and another child, this monthly contribution helps us enormously.

Vicki is seen here taking a break from the dispensary to show some local children their pictures.

Vicki is seen here taking a break from the dispensary to show some local children their pictures.


In March Living (below), whose legs were operated on by Hope Ministries, a medical mission from the States, had his casts removed.


This poor little guy fell into my water butt and drowned. Why he risked his life I have no idea as the river was just 20 meters away.  The staff have no clue to its name which is quite unusual for them not to know.  Any clues you conservational experts?


I leave Tanzania on the 25th of March to start the book tour in the UK and the USA, and really don’t know at this point the date I will return.

 I pray that you all will enjoy unqualified bliss and intense joy in the coming months.

Mungu Akurbiriki  (May God Bless You),


Happy New Year

Christmas was a wonderful time of the year at Tudor Village with all of our children from our eight homes all coming together to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ.  Our older boys and girls enacted the nativity play, with Mary riding on the back of an older boy and one of our babies being brought from the nursery to be the infant Baby Jesus.  After the plastic bag of goodies was given out to all the children we all moved over to the lavender fields where the waterfall and pond is situated.

One of our returning volunteers, who recently gave her life to the Lord, asked our visiting Pastor Graham from the UK if he would perform a baptism immersion for her.  As Pastor Graham had already visited Light in Africa the previous June to baptize seventy two of our youth he was more than happy to accommodate Holly’s request. This was followed by ten more youth who had been previously instructed in biblical principles to be baptized. This year eighty three baptisms have taken place at Light in Africa.

For the following two weeks after Christmas, the pace increased dramatically after the decision that I had made to remove fifty children from the local government school due to excessive corporal punishment and stigmatization.  This action to fund all of our children in to private schools is a huge step of faith for me as it will result in school fee’s costing over $64.000 per year. The staff and I had to search for new private schools and hostel accommodation.  The children excitedly left for either boarding or day schools.   Three girls have left secondary school this year and are completing our mandatory ‘one year of giving back’ .  ‘Gift’, one of our older boys, has left to go to college to train to become an electrician.  We now have in training:  1) a teacher, 2) social worker, 3) business administrator, 4) a doctor, and 5) an electrician. After the girls year of service they are looking to attend colleges, two girls wanting to become accountants, and one girl to continue her education to also become a doctor.


Each year we are blessed to receive overseas medical personnel and the new year was in its infancy when a medical team from Iowa USA, visited with us and stayed in our Torchbearer accommodation.


One of our children who had crooked legs due to the high fluoride content in the water was operated on by the team’s orthopedic surgeon.   A visit into the bush with local doctors to operate a medical dispensary for the Maasai was initiated and this resulted in 108 patients receiving ‘free’ medical treatment and drugs.  A wonderful learning experience for the medical students in the team, and a huge blessing to the poor in the community.


On occasions we have a child in care that develops an eating disorder and decides he doesn’t want to eat certain foods.  This can become a problem for our staff that has so many other children to feed and so to ensure the child does not lose gained weight I hold a daily “tea party” where the child can bring a little friend along to come to tea.  I fill a child’s teapot with high protein banana milk shake, pour it into a minute teacup and with little pieces of peanut butter sandwiches and small pieces of fruit and biscuits, and after the grace is said, we start our tea party.  With his little friend anxious to eat as much food as he or she can, he soon catches on that he has to eat the food or their will be none left on the plate.  The mindset is then changed, and weight gain can be monitored.


Last August for three days, Torchbearer Co. Ltd. hosted 92 University students for three days on our site.  The seminars was to celebrate world youth day, and guest speakers included the Deputy General Secretary of the African Union and also a scientist from the World Vegetable Center near Arusha.  Srinivas was so touched by our children that he decided to come and celebrate his birthday with them.  He handed biscuits and lollipops.  It was a real fun day which our children wished, I’m sure, was his birthday every day. 


I pray that all of our friends, supporters of our children, and readers of this blog will enjoy unqualified bliss, abundant blessings and intense joy during this coming year. 

Warmest wishes – Mama Lynn